Overview introduction

Product description

Meat tenderizer machine is relatively new, but very useful device for kitchen cuts meat fibers.

Enhancing the over-all look of meals & setting new standards for cheffs and cooks.

When cutting meat fibers, it extracts sap, which is inside meat and doesn’t outflow

Meat gets softer, as you know, the shorter meat fibers the softer and more tender meat is


Product highlights

  • Allowing marinade and spices to penetrate faster in a better way to make your meal delicious.
  • Preparation time is reduced up to 40%.
  • High safety measures to prevent cuts & bruises while using our tenderizer.
  • Easy & Convenient to use.

Features the key

All Meat Tenderizer

All Meat Tenderizer

With 56 sharp stainless steal blades our tenderizer penetrates almost any kind of beef, pork, veal, mutton, chicken, fish.

Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Our engineers apply innovative thinking, well thought-through design and vast years of experience to ensure exceptional safety and quality in each tenderizer.

Care and Cleaning

Care and Cleaning

Janbo meat tenderizer is easier to clean as it comes with brush for cleaning up after usage.

Design The smartest

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